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Use WASD to spin the die in midair. If there are two dice on screen, control one with WASD and the other with the arrow keys! Use left mouse button to advance the dialogue.

Pray to RNGesus

Take on the role of the dice in this physics-based visual novel by Team Meet-A-Yak!

In Pray to RNGesus, you play as the titular RNGesus, presiding over the dice rolls of the players in a fantasy RPG campaign. Will you save them with high rolls, condemn them to bad luck, or remain impartial and simply let the dice fall where they may?

  • Decide the fates of the characters of the game; you are RNGudge, RNGury, and RNGxecutioner! (...And there's plenty more puns where those came from!)
  • Control dice rolls with physics-based gameplay; rolling that 6 may not be as easy as you think!
  • Four unique endings – can you find them all?
  • Join your voices in song in the words of the hymns to RNGesus in the original soundtrack!


  • Kirbo#8888 |
  • Michael Hu | Trietmasu#0328
  • Avineesh "Avi" Kompella |

Art and Graphics

  • Estêvão "Estechan" F. Albiero | @estechanfofex
  • Ash Ketchup | @meashketchup
  • Lydia Chamberlain | milk#3000 - UI/UX Design

Other Roles

  • Jesse Forgione | Yampy#1994 (she/her) - Music and Sound Design
  • Jimmy Pember | entrylevelgames#1462 - Writing/Narrative Design

Aside from those listed below, all assets (graphics, sounds, and music) were created during the 48 hours of the 2022 GMTK Game Jam.


Download 177 MB


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The game was short, but fun! It's easy to get the hang of the dice (as long as you read the controls) and I really enjoyed seeing the different fates of the characters. 10/10 would heal the whole party again


This was an experience.